For Partners

Мы открыты к партнерским отношениям с прямыми работодателями из разных стран, зарубежными агентствами и агентствами из Украины, частными агентами. У нас хороший опыт в поиске и подборе кандидатов для разных сфер деятельности:

  • отели и рестораны;
  • магазины и офисы;
  • здоровье, спорт и красота;
  • рабочие специальности.

В процессе переговоров всегда найдем выгодную форму сотрудничества для обеих сторон.  У вас есть предложение  – смело звоните нам +380665425848 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram), пишите на e-mail

The OkWork is a recruitment agency that successfully combines progressive methods of work and personal experience of specialists in the field of recruitment. We are providing Russian-speaker candidates with fluent English and suitable work experience. The employees from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Kazakhstan are very easy to adapt, kind, smiling and good looking European style people.

Our managers have more than 8 years’ experience in HR sphere and deployed more than 4500 associates in UAE and other countries.

We are ready to satisfy any of your needs in different position.

We always act upon the best interest of the Employer due to value the “personal approach” and pride ourselves on working with  total integrity, confidentiality and honesty.

You are always welcome to send us your ideas and proposals about partnership by email

And we will happy to provide you with more comprehensive information.